Music Biography of Ralph Losey – Short Version

Ralph Losey was a Freshman at Vanderbilt in Nashville in 1969 when, by chance, he ran into a strange man dressed in a white robe on campus. This long haired, bearded guru type was talking in an odd manner to a group of Vandy students. He had recently left his position as a psychology Professor at Harvard where he had been experimenting with Professor Timothy Leary on a drug called LSD. His name was Richard Albert, but was by then already calling himself Ram Dass. Thus began Ralph’s life-long interest in meditation, Yoga and far-out philosophies.

Ralph, Molly and Mary (a spiritual advisor)

This led to Ralph leaving Vanderbilt three years later to study in Vienna Austria, where he again by chance stumbled into a charismatic Professor, Count Arnold Keyserling. He also met a girl on the way there, Molly, who he later married. Ralph became Keyserling’s student, so did Molly. Ralph was later in the room in Vienna when Keyserling first announced, in late 1972, his discovery of a new music scale, and a new/old type of inner music, which later became known as PrimaSounds. At the time Count Keyserling, himself a student of the Viennese composer Joseph Hauer, and Parisian/Armenian mystic, George Gurdjieff, called this “Chakra Music.” Immediately after the announcement and lecture, Keyserling’s famous wife, Princess Wihelmina (Willie) Keyserling, a Yoga teacher, played the first music on the electronic instrument they had created, the “Chakraphone.” Ralph was transfixed and his life long passion to understand and create this music began.

Ralph purchased his own Chakraphone instrument from the Keyserlings in 1973 and began his practice of meditation music back at Vanderbilt and later in his home in Florida. At Vanderbilt Ralph also had the opportunity to use one of the first Moog synthesizers and create meditation music on the Moog. Ralph still uses the latest GrandMother Moog in his home studio. Ralph’s work with the Chakraphone and Moog eventually led to Ralph’s creation of PrimaSounds meditation music on the first computers in 1981. He then used Midi and later re-tunable synthesizers, such as the Ensonique model VFX to create his inner music. He also created computer games with the music, including a divination game using the I Ching, a book of Chinese wisdom that he studied with the Keyerslings.

In the early 1990s Arnold and Willie Keyserling came to Florida to hear Ralph’s music for themselves. They immediately endorsed his work and began a series of workshops, translations and co-writings with him, including Ralph’s first public performances in Florida and elsewhere. Ralph, and his wife, Molly, continued a close friendship and working relationship with Arnold and Willy, who had no children, until the Keyserlings passed away in 2005 and 2010. When Ralph visited Willie in Vienna shortly after Arnold’s death, he was touched to see his photo, with his family, Molly and their two children, on the stand next to Arnold’s bed. Indeed, they were very much like beloved parents to Ralph and Molly, who cherish their memories, and, in Ralph’s case, the music tradition of meditation music and other “consciousness transforming” tools that they promoted and practiced.

In the nineties Ralph created three albums of PrimaSounds meditation music on one of the first all digital midi based recordings. They were sold on CDs worldwide in the 90s with a distribution of over 30,000 copies. During that time Ralph and Molly hosted hundreds of performances and lectures to small groups in their home in Florida. They also put on several larger performances in Orlando, Miami and Washington D.C. Their experimentation with the music on thousands of people of all types, including the reports of the purchasers of Ralph’s CDs, all confirmed the Keyserling’s theories about the power of their musical scale and PrimaSounds music built upon it.

Arnold teaching

Ralph paused in the creation of new music from 2000 to 2019 to devote more time to his family and legal practice, charitable activities and community outreach, typically ones with a music or technology theme.

Still, Ralph continued his meditation and yoga practice. He would still listen to his music occasionally, but went through a long stage of not creating new music. Instead, he listened to the music of others and got into many other meditation tools, techniques and exercises, both physical and mental. Lots of body-mind activities and mainstream energy cultivation work, including martial arts related. Plus Ralph has always been healed by communing with nature. He loved fishing, golf, walking his dogs and kayaking and boating in the Indian River,

Ralph & Molly 2001

Ralph’s work with meditation and music expanded in 2010 when he opened a Yoga Studio with his wife, Molly, as part of her mental health counseling practice. It changed again in 2015 to include Ralph’s new studies of longevity and super-fitness, which he shared on his website His longevity programs includes PrimaSound music as one part of an overall health and fitness training program.

Ralph was forced back into music creation shortly after the Covid outbreak and his research into health science and longevity and use of new computer software for music composition, primarily Logic Pro. Covid was hitting everyone hard and Ralph thought he could help by creating a new album designed to boost immunity systems. His motivation was based on the scientific research involving Nitric Oxide, a well known health-helpful chemical produced primarily in the sinuses as part of the immune system. So this got him going again in PrimaSounds music creation, now using the new ATMOS effects available in Logic Pro. Multiple scientific experiments surprising showed that the bodies’ natural production of this immune boosting chemical are greatly increased by vibrations in the sinus at around 130 hertz. Research by scientists studying nitric oxide showed that humming to this note resulted in a dramatic increase of this health protective chemical. Google it, you’ll see.

It just so happens that one of the notes in Arnold Keyserling’s unique pentatonic scale was nearly identical, 128 hertz. With PrimaSounds it is easy to put this sound frequency in your nose by humming along. This inspired Ralph creation to quickly create his first new album since the late nineties, Yoga Energy: Meditations for Humming. It was designed to emphasize the notes with the 130 hertz resonance and facilitate healthy humming. Yes, hum along with pitch. Ralph also created health breathing exercises found on his YouTube Channel. He even created a Video for the Album. The Yoga Energy album is available on all streaming music services.

At the same time Ralph Created the Yoga Energy album, he had this tree prior CDs remastered by Santiago Vrljcal and remixed to include limited Dolby ATMOS features. They are Life Tuning, Prima Sounds and Gate Keeper, also all available on streaming music services in both stereo and Binaural ATMOS versions for headphones. Just search your favorite service for music by Ralph Losey.

In 2022 Ralph left the large law firm of 900 attorneys where he had been the partner in charge of electronic discovery, which is concerned with the location and handling of evidence in computer systems. Ralph broadened his legal practice and started work with with his son, Adam, and daughter-in-law, Cat, at their firm in Orlando, Losey PLLC.

On November 7, 2022, after about a thousand hours of work on the project over the past two years, Ralph released what he considers his magnum opus to date, his fifth album – Spaced Out Meditation Music with the first sounds from a Black Hole (Perseus) and from Mars (Meteor Strike),

See below for more about his new album.

Ralph Losey, October 2022

Ralph is currently hard at work most every night and weekend, after his day job as a lawyer, on his next album, tentatively named Doors on Mars. He thinks it will be his best one ever and should be released in early 2023. Again, more space sounds will be incorporated into his pentatonic resonance meditation sounds designed to make it easier for everyone to master stress, relax and meditate, and, best of all, to do it all without the dangers and side-effects of drugs. We have come a long way since the days of the late sixties with LSD, Timothy Leary and Richard Albert wondering the college campuses. But, as Ram Dass liked to say, no matter where you go, there you are!

More about Spaced Out. This is his first album where Ralph has used the full blown Dolby ATMOS 3d Moving Sound Object features with Logic Pro. Ralph admits these new features have been difficult to master, but a blast to learn. The music is a really spaced out now, both with Atmos enhanced headsets, like Apple’s ear pads, and also when pumped out loud through external speakers, the higher quality and bigger the better, the stronger the effects. Either way of listening creates a real high, naturally. You just have to listen deeply and feel the vibrations shake your body or move around in your head. Two different experiences, external speakers with stereo or with headphones designed for Atmos. But amazingly, the strong affects result either way. That took a lot of time to create the two different versions of each of the four songs on the album, but was well worth the effort.

Two of the songs on Spaced Out feature the Mars Meteor sounds, a short, but very dense and intense version, and a second more mellow extended version. The other two songs on the album feature the Black Hole sounds, again in a short intense version and an extended, more relaxed version. All the songs feature extended slow moving notes. There are never any melodies in Prima Sounds music. Instead the music is based on resonance, harmonics and subtle beating rhythms of interacting tones. There are changes and climaxes in the music, but not melodies to distract you from an inner journey. Listen for yourself, with eyes closed in a quiet undistracted environment, and experience the gentle high they create as the sounds wash over your bio-energies. With headphones focus on the sounds swirling around your head. There are more detailed listening instructions contained in the web.

The Spaced Out album also features, for the first time by anyone, sounds from NASA that they captured from the atmosphere on Mars during a meteor strike and other kind of spooky sounds that NASA recently captured from a Black Hole in the Persesus Galaxy cluster. NASA did this by doubling the gravitational waves 57 octaves into the audible hearing range. Ralph has taken these NASA sonifications and manipulated them, transforming the tones and weaving then into his PrimaSounds music to make an astounding new type of cosmic meditation music. As Ralph likes to say, these sounds enable you to get high without drugs. That goes along with his fav mantra-slogan Meditate, not Medicate.

Here is the DistroKid release page for SPACED OUT. Try out the album on your favorite music streaming service, including Spotify at Music / iTunes at…/spaced-out…/1652416412