Here you will find the stories of PrimaSounds, a once lost music rediscovered in Vienna in 1970. PrimaSounds use a pentatonic scale tuned to a alpha wave fundamental of 12 hertz. These tones resonate with essential mind/body energy centers, including the seven chakras. We provide multiple theories on how and why it works. The lessons here are from private workshops of Arnold Keyserling, the inventor of the scale, and Ralph Losey, the PrimaSounds musician and Keyserling student. The web materials include simple physics, not so simple music theory and fairly simple general listening instructions. This information and your own diligent practice will show you how PrimaSounds can be used as a consciousness tool for Relaxation, Energy, Peak Experience and Visions.

We are ready to respond to questions and comments you may have concerning PRIMASOUNDS music by Ralph Losey. His new album was released September 8, 2021 to all distributors under the name “Yoga Energy Meditations for Humming“. See album cover below. The three prior albums, Life Tuning, PrimaSounds, and Gate Keeper, are only available here on CD but will also be released soon electronically.

Ralph Losey’s Fourth Album

With PrimaSounds, especially my new Album, Yoga Energy, you can actually feel the music interact with your energies, tune them and amplify or lower the energies as needed. It uses brain resonance and so good results can still be attained, even if only listening through headphones. PrimaSounds have these amazing affects because they are based on a musical scale invented by Professor Arnold Keyserling (1922-2005), Academy of Art, Vienna, Austria in 1970. Keyserling’s scale uses the primal tones of the human energy field, known in India as the Chakras. One of his American students, me, Ralph Losey, has composed music based on the new scale.

This meditation music uses resonance to wash away stress and charge your body-mind with strong, positive energies. This in turn opens you to creative inspiration and visions, even peak experiences.

We include here at PrimaSounds.com previously unpublished audio recordings of Professor Arnold Keyserling and his explanations of music, philosophy, Indian and Chinese culture, Chakra Music and Primasounds. Look for those great recordings of Arnold Keyserling in the Blogs. All free. We also provide the book I wrote on PrimaSounds and published electronically in private.

I can be reached at Ralph.Losey@gmail.com. Please don’t spam me or you will be blocked by angry lawyer robots.

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