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PrimaSounds, a transformative musical experience designed to deeply resonate with yoga enthusiasts and meditators of all ages.

PrimaSounds envelops you in a “vibration bath,” soothing the body, purifying the soul, and clearing the mind.

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Arnold Keyserling

The story of PrimaSounds began in 1972 when Professor Arnold Keyserling (1922-2005), of the Academy of Art at the University of Vienna, rediscovered this once-lost music. One of his students, Ralph Losey, an American musician, has been creating PrimaSounds music since 1973. Originally called “Chakra Music,” PrimaSounds employs a unique pentatonic scale tuned to a 12-hertz alpha wave fundamental. According to Keyserling and his wife, yoga teacher Wilhelmenia (“Willie”) Keyserling, these tones resonate with essential mind-body energy centers, including the seven chakras.

Willie Keyserling

On this website, we delve into multiple theories explaining the power of PrimaSounds. You’ll find lessons from private workshops and German publications by Arnold, Willie, and Ralph. These materials cover simple physics, intricate music theory, and easy-to-follow listening instructions. Through this information and your own practice, you’ll learn how PrimaSounds can enhance relaxation, energy, peak experiences, and visions. Ralph aptly describes PrimaSounds as resonance-based meditation music that elevates you without drugs.

Ralph Losey collaborated, translated, and taught with Arnold and Willie in the US during the 1990s. He also created several albums of PrimaSounds music in that decade, all of which were remastered and mixed in 2021. Ralph’s music, including his recent albums “Yoga Energy Meditations for Humming” (2021) and “Spaced Out” (2022), is available from all major online distributors.

His earlier albums, “Life Tuning,” “PrimaSounds,” and “Gate Keeper,” can also be found by searching “Ralph Losey.” Yoga lovers may want to start with his Yoga Energy album. It is great to use to chant along.

In early 2023, Ralph released his sixth album, “Doors on Mars (and other planets),” featuring eight tracks of PrimaSounds meditation music. This album incorporates actual sounds from Mars, the Sun, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, helping you explore the solar system with your mind’s eye. This safe, profound experience invites relaxation and deepens your connection to the cosmos.

With Ralph Losey’s PrimaSounds music, you can feel the sound interacting with your energies, tuning them, and adjusting their intensity as needed. This meditation music employs resonance to wash away stress and charge your body-mind with potent, positive energies. As a result, you may experience creative inspiration, visions, and even peak experiences.

At PrimaSounds.com, we also offer previously unpublished audio recordings of Professor Arnold Keyserling, sharing his insights on music, philosophy, Indian and Chinese culture, Chakra Music, and PrimaSounds. Look for these enlightening recordings in the Blogs section, all available for free. Additionally, we provide the book Ralph wrote with Professor Keyserling’s guidance on PrimaSounds.

You can reach Ralph at Ralph.Losey@gmail(dot)com. Please refrain from sending spam, or you may find yourself blocked by vigilant, AI-powered lawyer robots. After all, that’s Ralph’s day job.

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