PrimaSounds is a type of “vibration bath” which soothes the body, cleanses the soul and clears the mind.

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Arnold Keyserling

Here you will find the stories of PrimaSounds, a once lost music rediscovered in Vienna in 1972 by Professor Arnold Keyserling (1922-2005), Academy of Art, University of Vienna. One of his students at the time, an American, Ralph Losey, has been creating music using PrimaSounds since 1973. PrimaSounds, originally called “Chakra Music” by Keyserljng, uses a unique pentatonic scale tuned to an alpha wave fundamental of 12 hertz. According to Keyserling, and his wife, Yoga teacher and honest to God “Princess” (although she would not let anyone call her that) Wilhelmenia (“Willie”) Keyserling, these tones resonate with essential mind/body energy centers, including the seven chakras.

Willie Keyserling

Here we provide multiple theories on how and why it works. The lessons are from private workshops and German publications of Arnold Keyserling, Willie and Ralph. The web materials include simple physics, not so simple music theory (Arnold was a student of Joseph Hauer) and fairly simple general listening instructions. This information and your own practice will show you how PrimaSounds can be used as a tool for Relaxation, Energy, Peak Experience and Visions. Ralph summarizes all this by calling PrimaSound a resonance based meditation music that will get you high without drugs.

Ralph Losey’s co-wrote, translated and taught with Arnold and Willie in the U.S. in the 1990. Ralph also created several albums of PrimaSounds music in the 1990s, also described here. They were all remastered and mixed in 2102 and all Ralph Losey’s music is now available online from all distributors. His last two albums are “Yoga Energy Meditations for Humming” (2021), which includes some modified excerpts form his 90s songs, and Spaced Out (2022) which is all new. music. Spaced Out also includes original NASA sounds recorded in 2022 on Mars from a meteor impact, and a Nasa sonification (57 octave increase) of waves from a multi-billion year old Black Hole in Perseus Cluster of Galaxies. Both albums, but especially Spaced Out, include the latest ATMOS Dolby technologies for moving 3D sound objects. See album covers above and below and blogs with further descriptions. Ralph’s three prior albums from the 1990s, Life Tuning, PrimaSounds, and Gate Keeper, are also available from all music distributors, just search “Ralph Losey.”

Losey continues the spaced out, cosmic theme with his sixth album released in early 2023, Doors on Mars (and other planets) which consists of eight songs of PrimaSounds Meditation music.

This album features again sounds from space of Mars, Sun, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The opening song – Mars – is a revised version of the Mars song on the Spaced Out album, It was revised to include new sounds recorded of wind on Mars. The seven other songs are all new: Venus – Indica, Sun – Sativa, Earth – Hybrid, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These are all effective sound resonance based compositions to get high naturally without drugs. You can enter a meditative state and open to visions. You can explore the solar system in your minds eye, your imaginations, with the help of actual sounds from these celestial bodies. It is a safe, far out experience that will relax and deepen your life.

With all of Losey’s PrimaSounds music, you can actually feel the sound interact with your energies, tune them and amplify or lower the energies as needed. This meditation music uses resonance to wash away stress and charge your body-mind with strong, positive energies. This in turn opens you to creative inspiration and visions, even peak experiences.

We also include here at PrimaSounds.com previously unpublished audio recordings of Professor Arnold Keyserling and his explanations of music, philosophy, Indian and Chinese culture, Chakra Music and Primasounds. Look for those great recordings of Arnold Keyserling in the Blogs. All free. We also provide the book I wrote with Professor Keyserling’s help on PrimaSounds

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