Six More New Prima Sounds Albums Released

The New Albums Are Remasters of the Original Three Albums of the Nineties: LIFE TUNING, PRIMASOUNDS and GATEKEEPER

This image is of the Remastered Life Tuning album cover

Spent most of my free time in the last half of 2021 working with studio professionals (Santiago Vrljicak) to remaster the three original School of Wisdom albums, Life Tuning (1993), PrimaSounds (1994) and GateKeeper (1998). They were then all released and distributed digitally worldwide using Distrokid. They can now be found on all music distributor collections, including Apple, You Tube, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Just search my name, Ralph Losey. All of albums were completely remastered by the very talented Santiago Vrljicak in Argentina. To my ear, and bio-energies, these vintage albums were dramatically improved using today’s technology.

This image  is the remastered Prima Sounds album cover

Moreover, we converted and enhanced each album with a special Dolby ATMOS version designed for headphone listening. The spatial movements added to the music are subtle, so as not to interrupt the relaxed intensity of the music. Since many today listen on headphones, we felt this version was necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the meditations. Plus I loved the new level of metadata creativity that the latest ATMOS technology now opens up to sound artists. Now for each album you will see one version remastered for the original design for playing loud over quality speakers so your whole body can feel the music, and another Dolby ATMOS version designed for binaural listening with headphones.

Image of Keyserling's face listening to an early public performance of PrimaSounds in 1993
Arnold Keyserling, listening to PS Music, 1993

We suggest you try both versions of each as we have found many different psychological, meditative affects in the two versions. Even listening to the Atmos versions loud over external speakers is cool and effective in many subtle ways. Hard to describe. You have to hear these to really understand what this is all about. Again, my gratitude to Professor Arnold Keyserling, Academy of Art, Vienna, who first invented the unique pentatonic scale used in PrimaSounds. These are dedicated to his memory.

Image of a screen shot of video of the  Atmos version of the GateKeeper album shown on YouTube

The GateKeeper album is also dedicated to my dear friend, Malidoma Some, who inspired this work in 1998. He passed away and joined the Ancestors in December 2021. See my YouTube video of the Atmos version of GateKeeper that shows the actual three dimensional sound movements and includes a dedication to Malidoma and personal photos. He loved the latest technology, as well as his African Shaman roots, and am sure he’d approve. Thank you again Dear Malidoma for all that you have shared with me and countless others worldwide.

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