Latest PrimaSounds Meditation Music – SPACED OUT

Ralph Losey’s new album was released on November 7, 2022: SPACED OUT (without drugs) Meditation Music Featuring Sounds from NASA of a Black Hole (Perseus) and A Meteor Strike on Mars.

Available now to listen for free on all music distribution services, including

Spotify at


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More about Spaced Out. This is his first album where Ralph has used the full blown Dolby ATMOS 3d Moving Sound Object features with Logic Pro. Ralph admits these new features have been difficult to master, but a blast to learn. The music is a really spaced out now, both with Atmos enhanced headsets, like Apple’s ear pads, and also when pumped out loud through external speakers, the higher quality and bigger the better, the stronger the effects. Either way of listening creates a real high, naturally. You just have to listen deeply and feel the vibrations shake your body or move around in your head. Two different experiences, external speakers with stereo or with headphones designed for Atmos. But amazingly, the strong affects result either way. That took a lot of time to create the two different versions of each of the four songs on the album, but was well worth the effort.

Two of the songs on Spaced Out feature the Mars Meteor sounds, a short, but very dense and intense version, and a second more mellow extended version. The other two songs on the album feature the Black Hole sounds, again in a short intense version and an extended, more relaxed version. All the songs feature extended slow moving notes, There are never any melodies in Prima Sounds music. Instead the music is based on resonance and subtle beating rhythms of interfacing tones. There are changes and climaxes in the music, but not melodies to distract you from an inner journey . Listen for yourself, with eyes closed in a quiet undistracted environment, and experience for your self the gentle high they create as the sounds wash over your bio-energies, and swirl around your head. There are more detailed listening instructions contained in the web,

The Spaced Out album also features, for the first time by anyone, sounds from NASA that they captured from the atmosphere on Mars during a meteor strike and other kind of spooky sounds that NASA recently captured from a Black Hole in the Persesus Galaxy cluster. NASA did this by doubling the gravitational waves 57 octaves into the audible hearing range. Ralph has taken these NASA sonifications and manipulated them, transforming the tones and weaving then into his PrimaSounds music to make an astounding new type of cosmic meditation music. As Ralph likes to say, these sounds enable you to get high without drugs. That goes along with his fav mantra-slogan Meditate, not Medicate.

Ralph Losey talking about one of the songs, Black Hole Trip, on his new album, SPACED OUT.

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